How to log out of gmail on iphone

Log out gmail

Logging out of your email account is a bit tricky if you are using an iPhone device. Unlike Android devices where you simply unsubscribe through the app, there is no direct unsubscribe feature through the Mail app on your iPhone.

However, this does not mean that you cannot unsubscribe from your email accounts. The method differs simply because it takes place in your iPhone’s settings and not in the Mail app.

As mentioned above, opting out of your email accounts on your iPhone devices is done in your phone’s settings. So, instead of getting frustrated and deleting everything Mail app and reinstalling, we have presented some step-by-step guides on how to unsubscribe from your email accounts used in your Mail app.

If you no longer wish to use certain email accounts, logging out of your account is the best option. In most cases, users may have logged into your email application through gmail or panorama email accounts.

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We are going to explain how to log out of Gmail, both on the mail service website and in its mobile application. This way, if you want to stop using this account in your email, you can log out and log in with a new account.

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Logging out from the Gmail website is a very simple procedure, and what you have to do first is to enter the page. Once inside, click on your profile picture, which will appear with a round icon at the top right of the website.

When you click on your profile picture, a window will open with your details and options for managing your account. In this window, you simply have to click on the Logout option that will appear at the bottom and that’s it, you will be logged out.

In the mobile app you do not have a function to close the session only in the app, and you will have to close it in all your mobile. In any case, the process starts in the app, and you have to click on your profile picture that you will see at the top right.

How to log out of mail on iphone 11

First of all let’s cross our fingers because nobody wants that now that we are on vacation, or we are going to start them in just a couple of weeks, our smartphone is lost, which can cause us quite a few problems. Not only for the fact itself of being left without a device and being forced to buy another one, but for all the information we carry with us and that we do not want anyone to gossip.

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However, as you can see from the screenshot above, we do have some functions that we can use to shield even more information from the mobile that we can’t find. To do this, we just have to go to a web page, this one, and log in with the Gmail account. You will see a list of active devices so we look for the one that has been lost and we will see a series of options to try to recover it.

How to logout gmail on iphone

When we look at Gmail on the PC, especially if it is on a PC that is not our usual one, it is normal to log out when we finish. On mobile this is not so normal, as you will generally only look at your mail on your own mobile. However, if you want to log out of Gmail on your mobile, you can.

Basically, you’ll need to go to the Android settings and, in the accounts section, find the Gmail account you want to delete and tap Remove account. After confirming the account in question, you will need to confirm your intention. These are the exact steps:

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Technically this is not the same as logging out, but it will allow you to accomplish something similar. Note that this is temporary and as soon as the Gmail app is opened, it will show the emails again.

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