How to send calendar invite gmail

Calendar Invitation

This way, if you are organizing a party, meeting or any other event and you have everything well written in Calendar, you can share it with several people. And if you have a calendar with several meetings or events, or you have something planned, you can also share it all instead of going event by event.

When you click on any of the events, a pop-up window will appear with the basic information related to it that you have configured. In this window, click on the Edit event button that will appear at the top. It is the option with the pencil icon.

Once you have written the emails of all the people you want to share the event with, in the field Guests can, decide the permissions you are going to give to the people who receive the invitation to the event (1). These are things that they will be able to do even if they are not administrators of the event. Once you have everything to your liking, click on the Save button (2) at the top to apply all the changes.

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Send google calendar invitation

Note that contacts who receive the link to an event will be able to modify the name, date and time of the event, but the modifications will only be applied and visible in their calendar, leaving the original event in the same conditions it had when it was created.

Including links so that your subscribers can add your events/appointments to their calendar is a good way to make them keep you in mind and not forget to attend the events they are invited to.

Gmail invitation

If someone has shared their calendar with you (or if they are part of your work, organization or educational institution), you can check if the person is busy or available when you add them to an event.

If a guest is in another time zone and shares their calendar with you, you will see when their meeting starts under their name at the top. The meeting time is based on their current time zone. Learn more about sharing calendars.

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If you have permission to add guests to an event, you can forward the invitation to them via email. When they respond to the invitation, they will be added to the guest list. In turn, they will also be able to invite others.

Google calendar

On the next page we write a name for the event, determine the start and end dates and times, invite other people to participate in this calendar and complete the information corresponding to the location and description of the event.

From the lower part of this page we can attach files, identify the event with a specific color, configure the notifications (time and form of the reminder) and define the visibility options and permissions. Finally, go back to the top of this page and click on [Save].

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