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Surely you have realized that when you want to learn a new language, the best thing you can do to practice is that all your environment is read in the same, so you can get used to each word and in the best case, when you do not know them all, you are learning new words all the time.

For that many people what they do is to put your phone or tablet in English, it’s fine if that’s what you use most; in the case where what you use most is your Gmail email, it is a good idea to put everything in another language, to drastically improve your vocabulary in it, at least as far as reading is concerned.

On the other hand, if you simply opened your account on the wrong page or you are on a computer that has a different configuration and you want to change the language, don’t worry, you can do it with simple steps that we will explain below:

How to put my email in Spanish

If you are interested in changing the language in Gmail, you can do it in the browser and on Android and iOS easily. Just open the settings through your Gmail account or app.Table of contentsEmail with your own domainMake your business speak for itself with a personalized email address and your own domain!ProfessionalSecure 24/7 Support

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During a hectic office day, it can easily happen that emails are sent to the wrong recipients – especially irritating if the email contains important information. For these cases, Gmail offers the possibility of recovering sent emails. Here’s how it works and what conditions must be met.

Cómo cambiar el idioma de mi correo

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Gmail in English

Therefore, the use of these dictionaries in Firefox, in Chrome, or in any other browser, allows not only to carry out a spelling and grammatical control of what you write in Gmail, but of all the text entered in any field intended for that purpose either in an email account, in a form, or in any type of web page.

To install new language dictionaries in Firefox, go to Tools → Add-ons → Dictionaries. There you will see the dictionaries you have installed. To download a new dictionary, in search for add-ons enter the name of the dictionary written in the corresponding language. For example: if it is the English dictionary, search for “english dictionary”; if it is the French dictionary, type “diccionaire français”, etc.

2. Once the dictionary of the corresponding language is installed, to change the spell checker in Gmail or from anywhere on the Internet with a text box, just right-click on the text box and select → Languages → “the language you want to write in”. It’s that easy:

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