Gmail not receiving emails 2021

I cannot send or receive gmail emails

If you have accidentally archived, deleted or marked them as spam, the emails may not appear in your inbox. To thoroughly search for emails that do not appear there, follow these steps:

Important: If emails are forwarded to an unfamiliar address, select “Disable forwarding” and then refer to Gmail’s security tips. If you see an unfamiliar forwarding address, it is likely that someone has unauthorized access to your account.

If you forward email from another account to Gmail, messages are sometimes sent to Spam if they are not authenticated. Learn about best practices for forwarding email to Gmail.

When you set up IMAP, you can choose whether actions you take in your other email client affect your Gmail messages. For example, you may want deleting an email in Apple Mail to also delete the message in Gmail.

I do not receive emails to gmail because of space

Email is a widely used platform that is part of the daily life of both private users and companies. There are many providers that we can use, although undoubtedly one of the most popular and used is Gmail. Sometimes problems can arise. We can have failures when receiving an email. In this article we are going to talk about it. We will explain why we do not receive an e-mail from Gmail. We will give some tips to avoid it.

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Undoubtedly one of the main causes is that the email we are waiting for has arrived in the Spam folder. This is where junk e-mails, unwanted advertising, etc. arrive. However, on many occasions legitimate e-mails can also get through, which may even be important to us.

Therefore, the first step if we do not receive an email in Gmail is to go to the Spam folder. Maybe we can find it there and open it. Also, in that case we should indicate that it is not a junk mail, so that the same thing does not happen again with that address on another occasion.

I don’t receive emails from Gmail

Another simple troubleshooting test you can do is to send an email to yourself. Try sending two emails to yourself, one with a Gmail account and one from another email service such as Yahoo or Outlook. If you are able to receive emails from yourself, the emails you do not receive are likely to be a one-off.

If you still haven’t found your email, try using a different browser. Gmail only officially supports four browsers, so opening it in any of them should produce the best results.

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Similarly, if you are using the Gmail app on your phone, try opening Gmail in your phone’s browser. Sometimes, the Gmail app can have issues, especially when it comes to syncing and receiving emails in real time.

For those of you on your phones and tablets, you’ll want to try Gmail on a computer. Unlike your phone, where your app may be out of date, your PC browsers are always up to date. This makes it more reliable, especially for issues like this, where a network or connectivity error could be your problem.

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We may take action on accounts that exceed storage quota limits. For example, we may prohibit sending or receiving messages if you exceed your storage quota. We may also delete content from your account if you do not reduce your storage or do not get enough additional space. See more information about storage quotas here.

You may not use Gmail to send email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act or other anti-spam laws, to send unauthorized messages through third-party open servers, or to distribute a person’s email address without their consent.

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Please note that your definition of “unsolicited” or “junk” email may differ from the perception of your email recipients. Use reasonable judgment when sending emails to a large number of recipients, even if, in the past, those people opted in to receive emails from you. When Gmail users mark emails as spam, it increases the likelihood that our anti-abuse systems will classify future messages you send as spam.

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