How to change gmail background

How to change the gmail background on your cell phone

Theming is an important part of using computers and devices. We all have different tastes and color preferences and adjusting our environment to suit these tastes makes us feel more relaxed. The more relaxed we feel, the more time we are willing to spend in these environments, which works in the provider’s favor.

Gmail is an excellent free email service whose spam filter seems to outperform Outlook and Yahoo by a significant margin. Aside from that, the ability to customize the look and feel of your inbox as you wish makes it much more comfortable to work in. Well, I guess it does!

Backgrounds for gmail aesthetic

But keep in mind that the labels keep the emails in the inbox even if you classify them.    If you want to save them in folders the button that interests us is just the “Move to…” that will directly take that email to that folder or category to have them saved and not have a saturated inbox in which you can not find an email.

To do this, the first thing we have to do is open a browser and identify ourselves in our Gmail account. Once this is done, we click on the gear button that is displayed at the top right of the screen and select the Themes option.

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In the next step, Gmail will offer us the possibility to choose between the featured photos, our photos, upload a photo, indicate a URL of the photo we want to assign as a custom Gmail theme or choose among the recently selected ones.

Once we have chosen the image of our custom theme we click on Select and when we return to the Choose your theme window, we give it our personal touch from the settings shown at the bottom.  There we will be able to indicate whether the background shown over the text we want to be dark or light, if we want to darken the corners of the chosen image or the degree of blur we want to apply on it.

How to change the custom gmail background 2022

If you’re feeling lucky, scroll to the bottom of the Choose your window theme and choose the Random image option However, be careful: not all images are created equal, and some may distract you from your work instead of helping you.

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When you spend a quarter of your work time with your head buried in emails, having a Gmail background that reflects your personality or reminds you of something special can make your inbox productive and fun.

Since so much of our communication is done via email, it can be a challenge to keep our inboxes under control. That’s why we created Right Inbox, a simple add-on that can help you spend less time in your inbox and more time being productive.

For example, with our email send later feature, you can schedule your email to be delivered at just the right time for recipients with built-in time zone support. In addition, our email tracking feature allows you to see exactly how many times your email has been viewed and who has viewed it, so you can plan your follow-ups accordingly.

Change gmail inbox background

Unfortunately, the change background feature in Gmail is only available on the website, not on the smartphone apps. Also on the website, it is only available on the PC version. In the smartphone apps, you can only switch between light mode and dark mode.

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These are the two ways to change the background of your Gmail account. Use the custom image or your personal photo as Gmail background and make your mailbox colorful. Discuss your favorite Gmail theme in the comment section.

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