Android gmail notifications not working

Why don’t I get gmail notifications?

Gmail is a basic application on Android. Thanks to it we always have access to our email from the phone. However, for some time there are many users who report that they do not have notifications when they receive an email in their account. This is something that can have several causes. Therefore, when it comes to solving the problem, there are several options.

It may be that the problem is that the user has modified something in the Gmail settings by mistake. So that when an email is received, there is no notification on the phone. If this is the case, the solution for the problem is really simple. Since we just have to check if the notifications have been silenced in the app settings on Android.

You have to go into Notifications received and check that the option to Notify on each message is enabled. If it is not, you have to do it, since this was the reason why Gmail was not issuing notifications on Android when an email was received. Thus, with this feature already enabled in the app, you should have notifications normally again.

I do not receive notifications from gmail on android

Two days ago the Gmail app for Android stopped notifying me of new mails. Without prior notice and without changing any settings the email notifications disappeared.What happened? After investigating the problem I have found the solution and I tell you how I managed to fix it.I use the mobile as a work tool and Gmail is one of the applications I use the most, without it I am lost. Email is still for me a fundamental tool in my daily life, and on many occasions the immediacy of the response is essential. That’s why I’ve been pulling my hair out for two days because my Gmail notifications had disappeared.

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The problem with Gmail notificationsTo clarify exactly what the problem was, Gmail only stopped notifying me of new emails but continued to synchronize correctly. That is, when I opened the application and looked at the inbox there were the emails, but there was no notification anywhere, the application had not notified me as it should have done.

I don’t receive gmail notifications on iphone

Once inside the Gmail app settings, click on General Settings to go to the settings that affect the app regardless of the account to which the mail arrives. Here, click on the Default Notification Action option, which by default will be Archive. You will be able to change it to Delete, so that when you receive the email you can choose to reply and delete it instead of replying and archiving it.

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When you get notifications to your Android phone, whether they are the application they are, you are also offered some options to manage them and organize the priorities of those you want to send you notification sounds or those you prefer to switch to silent mode of Android notifications.

To do this, you have to open the notifications panel of your Android when you get one from Gmail, and then keep your finger pressed on the notification. When you do this you will see several options, being able to give higher priority to the notifications of that application or switching them to silent mode.

Enable gmail notifications on android

In general, there are two situations that we can face when an Android app stops working as it should. The first failure or headache we will suffer when the app is not even able to open or run. The second is when the app seems to work, but there is something in particular that is not working properly. In the case of Gmail, the most common in this case, is the inability to synchronize new emails or receive messages.

When you have more than 30 days of unread emails and automatic downloading enabled for attachments in Gmail, you often end up with a large amount of cache in the application. In general, the cache helps you navigate the app faster, but sometimes it can also cause errors.

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If Gmail misbehaves on Android, you can force the app to stop and reopen it. This will accomplish the same thing we could do when we restart the smartphone without having to wait for the phone to shut down and restart. Again, you will need to access the app’s configuration options from your smartphone.

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