Where does archived mail go in gmail

What is archiving in gmail for?

Let’s start with the most basic and that, possibly, many of you already know how to archive an email? Simply, we will have to select one or more emails by clicking on the check mark on the left side of the emails in question and then click on the archive icon.

On mobile devices it works quite similarly. We press and hold an email, then we select all the emails we want to archive and click on the icon that appears at the top.

In this way, all the emails we archive will disappear from the main inbox, even those in certain categories. Although we must clarify, they will not disappear from their respective categories. However, we can find them at any time.

As mentioned above, archived emails disappear at a glance, i.e. in the inbox. An alternative to find these emails is to switch to the All Mail folder view.

How to view archived emails in gmail iphone

This will return all your Gmail emails. If you notice, where it says compose, received, highlighted, important… All appears below. By going there, you will find all emails (including archived ones). It is a way to separate the emails so that you have the important ones separately and those you prefer to archive, in the All label, so that you can find them whenever you want with this trick that we have just told you.

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We hope you found it useful! Now you can archive Gmail emails without fear that you know you will not lose them. On Android it is very comfortable from the Gmail app to archive emails, and then undo the action, but now you no longer have to worry, because you know that “disappear” but they are in all or you will find them through the search engine.

Archived gmail mail

You can find any message you have archived by clicking on the “All Messages” label on the left side of the Gmail page or in the Android app. You can also find a message you have archived by clicking on any other label you have applied to the message or by searching for it.

From the computer Locate the email to archive, select it by placing the checkmark (you can also select multiple emails at the same time) and click the Archive button in the top bar (it’s the icon with the symbol of a dark box with a down arrow).

iOS/iPadOS Mail: tap the arrow corresponding to the name of your account in the Mailboxes screen of the application, select the folder related to the archived mail, open the message of your interest by tapping its title and, in the screen of the same you see at this point, select the….

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Once you have identified the archived email you wish to retrieve, touch it and press the three dots icon, located at the top right. Among the items that are displayed to you, on Android, select the one called Move to inbox, while on iOS, choose the one called Move to inbox.

Where to view archived emails

The world belongs to the organized. If you use a Gmail account and hundreds of emails arrive in your inbox every week, keeping things in order can be a challenge – but it’s important. To help you simplify your life, this guide will explain how to archive Gmail emails and where to find them for later review.

Keep in mind that when you archive an email in Gmail you only deprioritize it within your inbox, so the message is still available in your inbox. Something different is what happens when you decide to delete or mute it, which are other alternatives that allow you to sort your account.

Archiving is an excellent option when you are not sure you will need an email in the future. Basically, it’s like keeping it in a box until you decide to restore it. In fact, when someone replies to the conversation, it will automatically reappear in your inbox.

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To archive one or more messages, you must open your inbox and select the emails with the checkboxes located on the left side. Then, you must press the Archive option, which is located on the Gmail toolbar.

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