How to access another person s gmail account

Log in to another account

If you are using Outlook 2013, the mailbox you have been granted access to will be automatically displayed in the list of folders. In the example below, Adam Barr has been granted access to Kim Akers’ mailbox. Kim’s mailbox is automatically displayed in Adam’s folder list in Outlook 2013.

Tip: If the mailbox that you have been given access to is one that you need to access often, you can have the mailbox displayed in the Outlook Web App mailbox folder list. To do this, see Add another user’s mailbox to the Outlook Web App folder list earlier in this article.

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Therefore, thinking about all this data, we know that Gmail has implemented a way for another person to access your personal account with your authorization by configuring the account from an iOS or Android device.

All this, without the need to deliver your personal password, thus being a very innovative tool that can be available to all users who have a Gmail account. So the most important thing is that this person also has a Gmail account, so that from the additional account can access by logging in.

Here we will leave you a series of fairly simple steps. To begin with, you must log in with your Gmail account and then go to the bottom of your photo, where you will see a gear icon on the right; it is easy to find if you follow the above-mentioned indications.

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Another quite feasible option is if the connection you use is secure to be able to recover email messages that are deleted by mistake. For this you must go to the inbox, and there you can mark the incoming messages, or if you prefer, you can archive the incoming messages or omit the received ones.

How can I see someone else’s email

Step 4: Follow the instructions to access your other account. Note that the instructions you receive vary from device to device, so don’t be surprised if the directions you receive on one device are noticeably different from the format of the instructions on your other device.

If you have an email account with Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail (now called, you can access your email from any computer using a web browser. Access the Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email login page and sign in to access your email online.

Android Police reports that as of version 2019.08. 18 of the app, you can swipe up or down on your profile picture at the top right of the interface to switch accounts. You can also tap on your profile picture to select a full list of your accounts, just as you could before.

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Featured Image: Sometimes you access your Gmail from a school/office computer or from an Internet cafe, a friend’s house or someone’s cell phone, etc. However, if you forgot to log out on those devices, it could become a threat to your privacy. In the case of Internet cafes, forgetting to log out can pose a threat to the security and privacy of your Gmail account.

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Where to start you must log in with your Gmail account and then locate under your picture, where you will be able to see an icon in the form of gear that is on the right; it is easy to find if you follow the warnings mentioned. If you have no idea how to hack WhatsApp on Android, you may be interested in downloading an app to spy WhatsApp dialogs. This is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to do it. In addition to this, you do not expose yourself, because spy apps are totally silent and maintain anonymity.

In the case of Cupertino, they are now working on several patches to solve this situation, and in the meantime, our best ally will always be the feet on the ground. Now that we come to the end of the article I can only hope that all the information I provided manages to be used. However, before we go, I want to take a minute to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Although of course, in case you are a professional hacker and know about scripts, exploits and so on, then spying on WhatsApp conversations would not be your thing unless you take things personally. If you’re a businessman who thinks that your employees are selling company mysteries, you can monitor their WhatsApp to catch them red-handed.

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