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Emails are used almost everywhere for a variety of purposes. Managing one email account is usually the easiest thing to do, while the real problem arises when you have multiple email accounts . Managing all of them and their data together is not easy without the mail client. There are a lot of email client software available and almost all of them compete to offer the best features. But only a few mail apps for Windows will work perfectly on Windows 10 PC and other versions of Windows OS. This article is completely about the best email client apps for Windows PC.

As there are a large number of apps available. However, we have ranked the best mail app for Windows here in this article. All of them are carefully analyzed on various factors like performance, speed, features price , etc. Therefore, it is worth using email apps for Windows for any of these.

What is the best mail application for Windows 10?

The giant that most people know: Microsoft Office Outlook. It’s an all-in-one productivity booster, organizational tool, calendar and email client. A basic version that comes with a whopping seven gigs and doesn’t limit the size of your attachments.

How to use a Gmail account in Windows 10?

To do so, click on the Start icon or the Windows key on the keyboard and then go to Settings. Next, we will enter the Accounts section and click on the side on the Email and Accounts section. We can add other types of accounts, such as Yahoo or Apple’s iCloud.

Which email application is best?

Google Gmail

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We’ll leave it up to you to decide if Gmail is the best Android email app, but the fact that it’s used by more than 1.2 billion people on the planet says it all.

Gmail app windows 10

Gmail is one of the most widely used mail services, and there are methods to use its web version as an app. There are also many reliable email clients, such as the incombustible Thunderbird. But if you are satisfied with the simplicity of the Mail application, you can also link any Gmail account to it with the steps we are going to give you.

The first thing you have to do is to open the Mail application. If you have never logged in, you may have to do some previous steps to activate the Microsoft account you have linked to your computer. In any case, once you have the application open and functional, click on the Accounts button in the left column.

A column will open on the right side of the screen where you will see the accounts you have linked to configure them. Here, click on the Add account button at the bottom of the column.

And that’s it, when you allow Windows access to your Gmail data, the account will be linked and you will go to a screen where you are told that it has been successfully configured. In this screen you are also suggested to download the Outlook mobile app, but you don’t need to do it. You can close the window, and you will have your account linked in the mail application.

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Download gmail for pc windows 10 64 bits

Although there is a large number of users who do not mind always depending on the browser to manage their emails, not everyone is satisfied with this option and therefore prefer to use a native application, an independent client.

In the case of Windows 10 there is no shortage of options, but leaving aside well-known alternatives such as Thunderbird or Microsoft’s Outlook, there are many email clients for Windows that sometimes go unnoticed.

Mailspring is one of my favorite options of the whole list and it is also one of the few that has a completely free model. You may recognize its look if you have ever heard of Nylas Mail, because it is a derivative project of it.

The advantages of paying the monthly subscription of $8 per month include support for templates, profiles with rich information about your contacts, reminders, acknowledgements, link tracking, send later, etc.

Wundermail is perhaps the newest and least known of the list. It is a Gmail desktop client optimized for Windows 10 and you can find it in the Microsoft Store. You can Wundermail completely free with no limitations, you will simply see ads in the inbox.

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If you use Windows as your operating system, you may be wondering which are the best email apps for your PC. After all, always being in the web browser checking your mail is a bit tedious.

For starters, we have Thunderbird, developed by none other than Mozilla, developer of one of the best web browsers, Firefox. It’s very complete, easy to use and totally free for anyone, permanently.

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And in the free and open source category, it’s the best by far. You’ll be able to do basically anything you want, like automatically reply to emails, create filters for your messages and much more. Click here to learn more.

Microsoft Outlook is another one of the best email apps for Windows, also developed by Microsoft. It is free for online use on the web, but if you want to use the desktop application, you will have to pay a monthly fee.

One of its biggest plus points is the amount of integrations it has with other platforms and applications, plus a browser within the application and a fairly customizable interface. Visit the Mailbird website.

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