How to recover gmail account using date of birth

Google Account

To help you find your Trainer nickname, we recommend that you review any screenshots you have saved on your mobile device while playing Pokémon GO. Your nickname appears in the bottom left corner of the screen in Map View, or above your Avatar on the Trainer Profile screen. If you find your Trainer nickname,

Note about Pokémon Trainer Club accounts: your Pokémon Trainer Club screen name, username, and player ID are separate from your Pokémon GO Trainer nickname.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to locate your account in our system without your Trainer nickname and email address. In case you remember your login provider, please use the following resources to retrieve your login credentials:

How can I recover my Gmail account if I no longer have the same number?

If you do not have a phone registered to that Gmail account, you may still be able to recover your account using an alternate email. This is an email address you chose when you created your account for just such an occasion.

How to answer security questions to recover Gmail account?

If you have to answer a security question and: You don’t remember the answer: write the best you can think of. You know the answer, but could not recover the account on the first try: try another variant of the answer. For example, “BCN” instead of “Barcelona” or “Paco” instead of “Francisco”.

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How to recover my Gmail account from another cell phone?

If you are on Android, go to “Settings” on your phone and then to the “Google Services” or “Users and Accounts” option. If you are on iOS (IPhone), you have to open its application and click on the “Avatar” option, which is located on the top right corner and press “Add another account”.

Recover gmail account with date of birth

If you remove your child’s account from the device, all information related to that account will also be removed from the device, including emails, contacts, device and parental control settings. However, this information will still be available on other devices where your child’s account is accessed.

Important: If you reset the Chromebook to factory settings, all files on the hard drive will be erased. Learn what happens when you reset a Chromebook to factory settings.

Important: If you delete your child’s account before removing it from a device where that account has been accessed, the device may lock and require a factory reset.

Important: If you delete your child’s account before removing it from a device where that account has been accessed, the device may lock and require a factory reset.

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How to recover an age-disabled google account

Important: If your account has been disabled, the content you posted will be hidden. For example, YouTube videos you have created will not be visible while the account is disabled. If you re-enable the account, it may take up to several days for the content to reappear.

If you meet the minimum age requirement, you can verify your age with a government-issued ID showing that you meet the requirement. In addition, you may be able to verify your age with a credit card.

You will need to upload an electronic copy of a valid government-issued ID showing your date of birth. Most applications are reviewed within 24 hours. If you provide us with a copy of your government-issued ID, we will delete the copy after we validate the date of birth.

After we confirm that your credit card is valid, we will retain this data only as long as necessary to comply with the regulatory requirements of a credit card transaction.

Create gmail account

If you enable two-step verification, you’ll get a security code in your email, phone, or authenticator app every time you sign in on an untrusted device. When two-step verification is turned off, you will only need to verify your identity with security codes, periodically, when there may be a risk to the security of your account.

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Depending on the security information that has been added to your account, this requirement may involve typing a security code from the authenticator application and typing a security code that has been sent to your alternate email account.

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