Guide to enable hidden emoticons for gmail

Explain the gmail tools and draw their icons.

You can quickly open and save OneDrive documents directly from Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you also have the OneDrive desktop app installed on your computer (some editions of Office are distributed with the OneDrive desktop app), OneDrive and Office work together to sync your documents so you can work with others on shared documents at the same time.

In Windows 8.1, you can install the OneDrive desktop app to enable an option that allows you to work on OneDrive documents with other people at the same time. Since OneDrive is integrated into Windows 8.1, no other features of the desktop app will be installed. Download the free desktop application.

Where are the Gmail tools?

When you hover over the right side of a message, you will see some of the buttons on the Gmail toolbar.

How to put icons in Gmail?

Go to Gmail, go to general settings and scroll down to the box to configure the signature. Click on the Gmail account to which you want to associate the signature (in case you have more than one). We put the text we want and then we put the icons.

Gmail icon to download

To provide an optimal user experience, Descubre aims to present appropriate content for interest-based feeds, such as articles and videos, as well as filter out content that is unwanted or might confuse readers. For example, Descubre may not recommend job applications, petitions, forms, code repositories, or out-of-context satirical content.

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If you have multiple feeds on your website (for example, a news website with RSS feeds for the home page, business section and technology), we recommend that you add a <link> element on a single feed that makes sense for that page. A single feed is easier to maintain and provides a better user experience when people subscribe to your content. For example, if the article is about technology, specify the technology feed in the <link> element.

Gmail fixed left sidebar

One way to organize the messages in your inbox in order of importance is through the colored stars. You also have other alternative symbols such as exclamation mark, tick, question mark, information and so on.

Sometimes we receive a lot of unwanted e-mails, even from the same e-mail account. It is not worth sending these emails to the spam folder, when there is the possibility of blocking an email account and, therefore, no longer receiving them.

If you receive a large number of emails per day and you want to keep them in a top priority list, then you can create a to-do list to keep better control and follow up. Once you are done you can delete each task done and start with the next one.

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Open an email whose headers you want to view. Click the down arrow next to “Reply”. Then choose the “Show original” option.  The headers will be displayed in another window and include fields such as authentication results.

Gmail buttons

If you receive several dozen emails a day you probably already know how chaotic it can be to organize them all. That’s why Gmail implements a label system. It is a kind of folder system with which you can create as many labels as you want to manually or automatically sort the messages you want.

This option allows you to create sub-labels, so that having a main one such as Personal you can have several within that category such as Family, Projects or whatever you want. But come on, if what you want is to create a main label you don’t have to activate anything, just choose the name and start labeling the emails you want.

Gmail filters are a kind of commands that are executed when an email arrives that responds to certain characteristics that you have configured. For example, you could create one so that when you receive an email from a family member it automatically sets the Personal label.

In the window you can configure the filter by the sender of the email, by the recipient, by subject, by whether it has an attachment or by certain keywords that it may or may not have. Once you have determined the criteria, click on the option to create a filter that appears at the bottom right, and you will go to the next step where you can configure what you want Gmail to do when you receive an email that meets the characteristics you have defined.

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