Gmail business email is not working

My corporate email does not receive messages

I remember in my first business delivering corporate cards with Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo emails. I felt that by not knowing how to create corporate emails, I was at a great professional disadvantage, it diminished the seriousness of my business, and mixed work and personal conversations.

Knowing this statistic, I learned how to create free corporate emails for all my projects and found that it is easier than I thought. The same situation happened to me creating web pages and that’s why I built a course to create websites without knowing how to program.

Learning how to create corporate emails will not only increase the reputation and trust of your business, but it will also save you money every time you need it. It’s amazing how nowadays you can create a website, buy a domain and set up your own applications without programming.

Zoho Mail is an online platform that I trust and recommend every time I need to create corporate emails. Not only will it allow you to create 5 free corporate email accounts, but it also offers you several tools for your business.

How to enable Gmail from a corporate account?

Receive corporate mail in Gmail address

Once in the “Settings” menu, we go to the “Accounts and Import” tab. From the following options, the one we need is: “Add another email address” under “Send as”. Then a pop-up window will appear.

Why doesn’t Gmail load?

Clearing Gmail data and cache on Android will solve almost any problem related to this application. By resetting your Google account on your mobile, you will recover emails, movies, documents, settings, etc. This is the easiest way to delete everything and recover everything.

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Why is my mail not working?

A common reason for an error when trying to send or receive mail is a blocked connection from the server. This is a security measure that is triggered when someone repeatedly tries to access an e-mail account using incorrect login details.

Business mail

Despite these advantages, the reality is that many professionals do not use a professional email (also called corporate email or business email), and not because they do not want to but because they may not know how to get one. If this is your case, keep reading because here we will tell you the 5 steps to create an email with your own domain.

In this blog we already told you about the 10 reasons why to use a personalized email. We invite you to read the article to know them all, but in the meantime, here is a review of the three main advantages of creating an email account with your own domain:

Without a web domain you will not be able to create your own professional email. It’s as simple as that. Every online presence starts with this element, composed of a word or phrase (such as your company name, e.g. bicicletasperez) and an extension (.mx) that define your coordinates on the Internet.

Tip: If the domain you are looking for is already taken, try the new domain extensions with which you can create eye-catching and personalized email addresses. Examples of these domains are: .shop (for an online store), .guru (for a life coach) or .attorney (for a law firm).

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Free Gmail for Business

The corporate email is an email address like any other and can generally contain the trade name of a company. A corporate email account can carry the name of a brand or trade name if the company or whoever represents it manages to acquire the necessary Internet domain from the corresponding authority[1] It is called corporate because in this way (by having its own domain that matches the name, brand or company name of a company) it differs from personal emails that are usually email accounts offered by the various mail servers on the Internet (Gmail, Outlook, among others). In most cases they are assigned to employees and workers for direct communication and only for work purposes, placing the name of the person as a mailbox.

A corporate mail system can either be contracted to third parties, who generally have a large and adequate infrastructure for the job, or it can be installed in the company’s offices by means of a fixed IP address obtained by special contract with an ISP.

Activate gmail in google workspace

Remember that you will find the POP server and port in the CPanel page we opened before. The checkbox “leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server” serves to have a backup in the email client of your hosting.

Assign a label to the incoming messages, what does this mean? It means that when you receive an email a little box will appear with the name of this label, so it will be much more visual and intuitive to manage our emails in the future, being able to see directly which are the emails that arrive to our company and which are the ones that arrive to our Gmail.

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You will be asked for a verification code that will arrive in an email (At this point you can see it directly in your Gmail or in the email section of CPanel in the “check email” option). Select the client to open your messages (It can be Roundcube or another application, but any option is fine).

As soon as our inbox opens, we will be able to see that our confirmation has arrived, open the email, copy the code and place it in the check box, verify it and that’s it, if the configuration window has closed it is because everything has been perfect.

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